SS Tyrifjord

3080 tonne cargo ship sunk by the British in an air raid Sept 44. This clip shows auxiliary steering at the stern, also there’s the chassis of a truck on deck at the rear, and a telegraph. The stern and aftmost hold is intact but much of the rest of the wreck is flat, apart from the bulkheads.

MV Wilheim

Massive wreck, German supply vessel torpedoed November 1944.

Like most of the freighters she had AA guns fitted, there are boxes of shells lying in the forward hold and also just behind the bridge.

The scale of this wreck, in particular the bridge, is quite awesome.

Here’s a wee clip exiting the engine room

Norway wreck diving

Thought I might share one or two clips from a recent trip to Norway on the MV Karin. Wonderful week with great people.

Here’s one from the wreck of the Helga Ferdinand to kick off, attacked by British airplanes November 1944. Bow and AA gun cradle.

Many fish

Managed a dive on one of the German cruisers the other day, there were so many fish I could hardly see the wreck!



It was also one of those odd occasions when I spot something on a familiar wreck which I haven’t seen before. Here’s some intact sanitary ware which I spotted. Unusual as most of the bathtubs which can still be seen on the Scapa wrecks are a bit the worse for wear these days, but this wc seems to be wholly intact.


Managed to escape the family holiday yesterday for a couple of swims round the Zenobia off Larnaca, Cyprus. 

Some film to follow in a few days. 

With thanks to Dive-In, very professional outfit thoroughly recommended.

Going live

OK, going live with ‘The Joy of Wrecks’ today!!

Never done something like this before so please don’t shoot me down in flames – it’s just a bit of fun really.

Better go and get some more wreck clips… just in case anyone wants a look 🙂

Club diving

On Sunday six of us took the club boat out. It was a glorious December morning (well, glorious for round our way, anyway!) – flat calm, blue sky, sun crawling its way along the edge of the horizon, water smooth and silky blue. We had three men, three women, an age range from 35 to 60 (ish), experience levels ranging from relative newcomer right up to 30 yrs +, and a mix of dive sites from a reasonably shallow, non-tidal submarine to a deepish, tidal trawler. Everyone had a great dive on their chosen site and we all got back ashore by the planned time, ready to make the most of the afternoon sunshine. Sometimes everything just goes right. It really can make up for the occasions when the engine breaks down or the weather plays up.