SS Wilheim was a 5,455 ton freighter built in 1939. Used as a supply ship for the occupying German forces, she was torpedoed by a Norwegian MTB in 1944 and now lies on a sloping seabed which ranges in depth from about 25m at her bows down to 70m at the stern. She lies on her port side, her shallowest parts in about 14m. At the time of her sinking she was loaded with coal.

Amy and I dived her a couple of times in the summer of 2016, the abiding impression I have is of an absolute leviathan of a ship! She is seems much bigger than her 5 thousand ton displacement would suggest!! There are several interesting features we found on our dives including huge cargo cranes; quantities of small shells; machine gun mounts; and the engine room is large and quite accessible too. The holds still contain quantities of coal and are roomy enough to swim about in without much difficulty.

The video conveys just a little of what it was like to dive this wreck. The bridge is enormous, we thought it appeared rather like a massive tower block, with a series of windows stretching up and down the face from about 30m all the way down to 55m. Swimming up and down the rows of windows was pretty surreal.