Von der Tann was the first battlecruiser built for Kaiserlich Marine. She was involved in many actions during the First World War, including the Battle of Jutland where she sank HMS Indefatigable before sustaining heavy damage from British shells.

Von der Tann was scuttled in Scapa Flow 21 June 1919 and raised by Cox & Danks in 1930. During the salvage operation three workers became trapped inside the wreck after an explosion. Water started to fill the compartment which had previously been emptied with compressed air; by the time they were rescued, the water had risen up to their necks.

There seems to be little wreckage remaining on the seabed today where Von der Tann was scuttled. I have found a couple of sections of mast, an anchor (of the same type that can be seen at the stern of the German light cruisers that still remain in Scapa Flow today), and what looks like the base of a spotting top (I could be wrong on that one though). A wider sweep of the area did not yield much other recognisable wreckage, but I did meet a friendly seal (not caught on camera, unfortunately!).The general depth is about 19m.