This 10,000 tonne cargo ship sank on its maiden voyage from Malmo, Sweden to Tartous, Syria on 7 June 1980, when its computerised ballast systems developed problems.

Today she rests on her port side in 42m of water, about a mile off Larnaca, Cyprus. A full complement of cargo, consisting mainly of large trucks (worth an estimated £200m at the time of sinking), is still in situ. Zenobia is easily accessed from one of the many dive boats that operate in the area.

She is widely regarded as an excellent wreck dive, and it is easy to sea why. At 178m in length and still in a good state of preservation, there is much to see both in and outside the wreck. I can’t wait to go back!

Here’s a few clips of my April 17 dives, starting with the superstructure including the loading crane.


And a swim through the crew accommodation on the starboard side.


And finally the smoke stacks and some of the lorries strewn about the top deck.