MFV Fairweather V was a fishing trawler of 120 ton built in 1974 and sunk after striking the Carn Dearg rocks in the mouth of Loch Broom on the night of 4/5 February 1991. Her crew was saved by sister ship MFV Fairwind and a passing personnel carried, Bittern – the skipper was apparently plucked from the railings just as she sank beneath the waves. Today the wreck sits upright on the seabed in a general depth of about 25m. The wreck of a small coastal freighter, MV Innisjura, lies close by. The Fairweather V is renowned for the stunning profusion of plumose anemones which festoon the hull, deck and mast.

The wreck is not huge so when I dived it in 2015 I was able to explore the whole thing in a fair amount of detail in just one dive. The weather topside was foul (it was May and it was snowing with a freezing NW wind barrelling down Loch Broom) but down on the wreck it was fine and dandy.

The video includes a look inside the wheelhouse which still contained, at the time of filming, the captain’s chair, radio and assorted navigation equipment.