This 666 ton steam trawler came to grief in March 1969 when she struck Louther Rock at the south end of Orkney. She remained on the Rock for two days before she floated off, unmanned, into the Pentland Firth. Local lifeboat Grace Paterson Richie took her under tow but she ultimately sank in Hoxa Sound. There was no loss of life.

Today the wreck lies on her starboard side in a general depth of about 42m. The bottom is stony and the area is swept by strong tides which means she is best dived at slack water, but the visibility almost always seems to be very good.

There are many points of interest all along the wreck. I particularly like the triple expansion engine and boiler room. It’s easy enough to make out the cylinder heads just by sticking a torch in through one of the open skylights. The engine and boiler rooms are accessible for the more adventurous diver.