A steam trawler built in 1911 by Cook, Welton & Gemmell Ltd, FV Freesia struck Costa Head off the parish of Evie, Orkney whilst returning from fishing in Iceland on new year’s day 1922.She sank in Eynhallow Sound with the loss of nine men, two other crew members survived.

The wreck lies in a very tidal area and I and some friends only ended up diving her after a last minute change of plan due to adverse weather to the east of Orkney (we had originally planned to dive the Cotovia). I don’t know when slack water was meant to be, but it certainly wasn’t slack when we went in! Fortunately we were able to shelter from the tide in the lee of the large boiler which is the most prominent feature of the wreck at the time of writing (November 16). Aside from that, the triple expansion engine and parts of the keel also remain, all of which can be seen in the video.

Although the wreck lies in 40m, the seabed consists of white sand which, coupled with the strong tides, seems to ensure that visibility in this area is usually very good. There’s an underwater pinnacle nearby which I sometimes dive and the water there is also very clear.